IARA Design is the place to come for beautiful, unique, handcrafted jewelry and handbags.  My designs are inspired by the rich beauty and diversity of nature.

I have a passion for color and texture and the beauty and amazing diversity of  nature provide me with an endless source of inspiration.  As a scientist who studies plants I've had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world and each place I visit has a beauty all its own.  My travels and my love of plants are the inspiration for my¬†handbag and jewelry¬†designs.

natural stone & metal jewelry

embellished handbags in  fabrics from places near and far

 Three aspects of nature that surround us and infuse our perception of what is beautiful.

These images give you a hint of my inspiration.




I started IARA Design about three years ago after helping a friend with a fundraiser. Initially I made jewelry focusing on natural stones, wood and shell. Not too long after I started selling jewelry, my daughter gave me some beautiful fabric she bought in Uganda and since I had always wanted to make my own bags, I started sewing!

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