I started IARA Design because I love to make high quality, affordable, jewelry that reflects the rich beauty and diversity of nature. My hope is that my jewelry will add to every woman's unique beauty.

What is so special about jewelry?

It expresses your beauty!  It gives a hint to your mood! It provides a glimpse of what you are passionate about.


A necklace can be the crown on a beautiful dress or can make a plain suit look like haute couture.


The earrings you wear are a statement about you and your individuality.


Quality and Purpose


I describe my jewelry carefully and believe that the components should be accurately represented to the best of my ability. I also try to balance quality and beauty with affordability.


Many of the stones may have unfamiliar names. If you are not sure what the type of stone is, click on the word and it will take you to an information page (coming soon!).


If you have any questions about any components of the jewelry please contact me via my email address  iara.concepts@gmail.com


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IARA Design jewelry is always unique!

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